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Choosing a New Water Heater

Choosing a new
water heater can become frustrating. This is because water heaters come in different
varieties. In order to choose the best water heater for your home, use
the listed tips.

Fuel type

While there are numerous fuel types available, majority of homeowners either
have an electrical water heater or one that is powered by gas. This is
an important factor when choosing a water heater because it will depend
on what fuel type is available at your home.

If you currently have a gas powered water heater then you new water heater
will more than likely need to be gas. You home is already set up for this
type of water heater.


Water heaters are available in a host of sizes. When replacing your existing
water heater you will probably want to stick with the size that you are
replacing. The size of your current water heater may be a perfect fit
for your home and family needs. If you have been finding that you run
out of hot water on a regular basis then perhaps you may want to look
into purchasing a water heater that is able to hold more gallons of water.

Also, if the number of individuals in your household has decreased then
you may want to invest in a water heater that is smaller in size. If you
have a water heater that is too big, then you could be wasting money each
month, heating water that you or your household will never use.

Energy Efficiency

Finding a water heater that is energy efficient can help you use up to
50 percent less energy for your water heating needs. This could lead to
a nice deduction in your utility bill. In order to learn what water heaters
is efficient check for the Energy Star ratings. The higher the ratings
the less energy your water heater will need to function.

Once you have your new water heater installed is sure to keep it maintained.
Getting your water heater maintained regularly can help to increase its
lifespan and to possibly prevent certain malfunctions from occurring.

Once every two months you should inspect your water heater for leaks that
could be coming from the tank or at the plumbing joints.

Every six months you should also maintain your water heater by flushing
out several gallons of water through the drain valve. This helps to rid
your hot water heater of any sediment that accumulated in the inside.

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