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Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands

It is important to always know the different brand of plumbing fixtures
in the market so as to avoid any inconveniences or dissatisfaction in
the future. There are a number of brands to choose from. Below are 10
brands from which to choose the best fixtures.

American Plumber

This particular brand produces water filtration and water treatment equipments.
These products include under-sink filters and whole house water systems.

American Standard

This brand manufactures products to cater for numerous plumbing wants.
It produces high quality clog-free toilets, valves, and common domestic fixtures.

Bach Modern Classics

This brand manufactures valves of good quality and that are long lasting.
It uses a combination of technology and style to make its products.

Bradford White

This specializes in the production of water heaters. Its products are of
good quality which enables the brand to outdo its competition by far.

Brass craft

This plumbing brand produces innovative plumbing products that can be used
in a number of projects which could include supply of water and gas and
cleaning of drains.


The specialty of this brand is in faucets which are usually of high quality.
It makes a number of valves and fixtures for kitchen and bathroom. It
makes use of innovation and style to make products that can be relied upon.

The Sterling Faucet Company

This company produces bathtubs and toilets. These products are of high
quality and are produced to make the everyday real life needs.


Success of this company has been acquired from its technology of the Double
Cyclone toilet. It also produces different products on bathroom and kitchen fixtures


This specializes in the production of food waste disposal systems that
can be used in commercial and domestic settings. These disposal systems
have been made to give grinding elements that cannot be corroded. They
also come with warranties and are not stressful when fixing or installing.


This brand specializes in producing products that affirm the idea that
technology can be implemented in the day to day way of life.


The above brands will act as a guideline to help you choose a good and
durable plumbing fixture that will guarantee you total satisfaction.