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10 Simple Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

A considerable amount of time is spent in the home bathroom. This smaller
space can also be a defining spot for guests that use your home. Upgrading
a bathroom to enhance its potential beauty doesn’t always require
a full remodel.


Wainscoting comes in a variety of styles and colors. Bead board is not
the only option. Consider dressing up a small space with contrasting wainscoting
to give height to the bathroom walls.

Maximize storage space

Small spaces and vanities and nooks can be improved with sliding shelves
and baskets. Open vanities can also take advantage of more decorative
elements for storage such as wicker baskets. Drawer inserts help divide
up contents.

Bring the outdoors inside

There’s nothing like a fresh display or orchids or a small bonsai tree
by a window to make a bathroom have a spa feel to it. It also works as
a natural air freshener.

Contrast and define with paint

Avoid making the bathroom too matched by introducing paint colors that
accent the decor of the room. Paint can also be applied to cabinets and
shelving for a truly custom look.

Upgrade the vanity

The entire vanity can be replaced or repurposed. A repurposed vanity that’s
otherwise a little old can save money and quickly add flair to the bathroom.
Simply replacing the knobs with a stylish set or adding trim can make
the bathroom look bold and new.

Emphasize the small things

Adding small trinkets to shelving or repurposing household knick knacks
can make the bathroom feel cozy. For example, a mounted mason jar or teacup
can make an excellent holder for brushes or small cotton balls.

Ruston Bathroom RemodelingReplace fixtures

Sometimes bigger improvements come in small packages. Bath fixtures come
in hundreds of styles and metallic finishes. Toilet handles can also be
replaced to add extra charm to the bathroom without too much cost.

Resurface or Replace the Tub

A new bathtub can add functionality and beauty rather quickly in a bathroom.
Resurfacing kits can bring a vintage tub back to its former glory. Consider
using a soaking tub with a deep mount for a spa-like retreat.

Replace flooring

Newer vinyl flooring can be grouted and stone adds additional value to
the home. The bathroom flooring serves a dual purpose of protection and
decoration. Consider edging or another style to emphasize the dimensions
of the room.

Add focused shelving

Standard shelving is often tucked away in cabinets in a traditional bathroom.
Add dimension and a personal showcase with floating shelves or independent
shelves with small towel bars to embellish the room.