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Why is Annual Maintenance on Your Water Heater Important?

Let the professionals keep it efficient!

Regular maintenance is required for many household appliances. If you routinely change filters in your Ruston, LA HVAC unit, than what is stopping you from maintaining your water heater? What many fail to realize is a water heater should annually be serviced by a professional. If you don’t you are at risk of it not heating up in a timely manner. New water heaters work fabulously, over time that will change. It will go from taking just seconds to eventually taking tens of minutes to heat up.

What you risk if you don’t?

You risk inconvenience, no really; that is the cold hard truth. Imagine the following scenario…

You are running late for work; you overslept, hop into the shower with no time to spare and nothing, but ice-cold water comes out. It happens to be the day where you need to be at work for a meeting with the vice president of the company. You jump into the ice-cold water, wishing it was not the one day; you can’t be late! Checking the basement for the water,just makes for a worse day. Water is covering a large portion of your floor and has damaged ten boxes full of your important heirlooms. Now cold showers become the smallest of worries.

Predictable heater

You now have the expense of a new water heater. Basement to clean up, wrecked priceless heirlooms from your grandparents are irreplaceable and missing a meeting that very well could have gotten you a promotion. Most people fret one of those issues, but all of them makes for one horrible day. You wish you would have taken the advice of your father in law as it could have stopped the problem.

See the problem that happens when not regularly maintaining your Ruston water heater is mineral deposits build up and eventually cause the heater to crack. If you are lucky, you can catch it but, like most people, craziness of life stops you from noticing it until it wakes you with a cold shower and flooded basement.

Do yourself a huge favor!

Call the professionals, see to it that your water heater is maintained properly. This can lead to endless years added to the life of your appliance. In addition, it leaves a greater likely hood of catching any issues before real problems develop. Once a year is all it takes to save you from disaster!

Do yourself a huge favor!