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5 Plumbing Myths That Can Cost You

Plumbing is often a thankless job, but one we gladly and respectfully say ‘someone’s
got to do it’. Not many people can hold it together through the grit
and grime, but for those that can, they’re normally handsomely rewarded.
However, a lot of Ruston people forgo the cost and instead rely on urban
legends fixers and things that only exacerbate the problem. Below, we’ve
listed five of the most common myths that lead to self-help plumbing mistakes:

Pipes are Indestructible!

One of the main aspects people choose to overlook and
assume are okay are the normal pipes and wares doing the dirty work. Each and
every piece of your Ruston plumbing system funnels tons of sewage and
other terrible matter yearly/daily.

This takes a toll on the metal and if you’re not careful, they’ll
break at the right (aka wrong) time. Be sure to keep a keen eye on your
basic stuff to ensure things to leave the pipes…

Lemons Will Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Sure, chopping up a fresh lemon will initiate your sense of smell and dive
citrus-y goodness into your disposal should you dump it in… for a minute.
In reality, the smell will not last, there is no cleaning power to be
attained, and the citrus contained in lemons (like most fruit) can actually
act as a corrosive agent to your metal disposal. You’d be better off
hanging one of those scent trees and actually cleaning your disposal.

Lifetime Warranties With 57 Replacements

Cheap crap is cheap crap. So if you’re going to being dealing with,
quite literally, crap – don’t buy products that will break on you
a few times after usage. The plumbing industry is notorious for shoddy
workmanship so don’t buy into the lifetime warranty myth unless you
read reviews, do your homework, and purchase accordingly.

Fill it with Water FIRST

The common myth is that having water running while you run the disposal
will drain things blocking the line. Actually, it further blocks the line
and cause things to get backed up even more.

A better alternative is to not run the disposal and fill the basin and
sink about 1/4 full and THEN run the disposal. That should take care of
the issue appropriately.

The Drain Isn’t Blocked Until Its Blocked

Like most things, drain blockage builds up. The reason your drain stopped
draining likely isn’t because of the seed that slipped down there
yesterday. Take the steps to manage your drain regularly or even setup
a Draino schedule.

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