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5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

While Ruston homeowners spend thousands of dollars on home
remodeling projects, many people don’t expect one of the biggest recipients of
these dollars to be the bathroom. However, as the bathroom has grown in
importance in the minds of many homeowners, most remodeling dollars today
are spent having new tubs or other items installed in the bathroom.

While some people want to see their bathroom become a spa, others opt for
classic fixtures and other things from days gone by. No matter what they
have in mind for the room, it’s clear that bathrooms have grown in
importance. To make sure you’ve got just the right idea for your bathroom
in 2016, here are some of the best ideas available to homeowners today.

Furniture and Fixtures

To make a bathroom truly unique these days, it takes a combination of innovation
and ingenuity to catch people’s attention. This definitely gets accomplished
with the addition of furniture and fixtures, which in recent years have
taken on a life of their own.

In fact, it’s now not uncommon to find bathrooms with recliners or
other furniture installed in them, offering people the chance to read
or listen to music. Along with this, fixtures for sinks and tubs are now
made to be spectacular in appearance, with many containing colorful glass
or marble accents to catch people’s attention.

Floors and Walls and Sinks and Toilets

To make being in the bathroom as comfortable as possible, many people have
had Ruston plumbers install state-of-the-art heating units that are hidden
underneath the floor tiles. This makes the floor much warmer day and night,
as well as insuring no more cold floors when stepping out of the shower
or tub. In addition to heating the floor, some people have taken it a
step further and decided to have heating units installed in their walls,
sinks, and even toilet seats.

Glass Showers

If you want your shower to be the centerpiece of the bathroom, consider
putting in a frameless glass shower. Often reserved for bigger bathrooms,
these showers offer virtually no privacy whatsoever, but do bring a tremendous
feeling of elegance with them.

Usually built with custom shelving to hold soap, shampoo, and other items,
these showers are often combined with other items to create a spa-like
experience in one’s home. If you want to be pampered and feel like
the rich and famous, a glass shower is for you.

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