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What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

Most Ruston homeowners use some type of
water heater on a daily basis. Some homeowners use a gas water heater while other homeowners
use an electric water heater.

However, the type of water heater utilized does not change the primary
purpose of water heaters. The purpose of water heaters is to provide hot
water safely and efficiently.
For many homeowners, the way that water heaters operate is a mystery. The
only concern that homeowners generally have concerning water heaters is
that the hot water works whenever needed.

While the way water heaters operate is not a concern for many homeowners,
water heater operations is a concern for federal and state government
officials. This is why there are numerous regulations in place regarding
water heaters.

Without regulations, it would be extremely difficult for government officials
to ensure that water heaters are safe and perform properly. Even though
there are many water heater regulations, three primary water heater regulations involve:

1. Energy efficiency standards.

2. Construction guidelines.

3. Size guidelines.

Energy Efficiency Standards

Water heaters are used on a daily basis, so water heaters are one of the
primary users of energy in most Ruston homes. This is an important issue
for consumers because water heater use has a direct impact on energy bills.

One of the goals of water heater regulations is to establish good energy
efficiency standards regarding water heaters. These standards help consumers
by lowering energy bills and reducing energy consumption regarding water heaters.

Construction Guidelines

While water heaters maybe built slightly different from manufacturer to
manufacturer based on specific construction design preferences, water
heaters are all built primarily in the same manner. This is because of
water heater regulations. The regulations set clear and strict guidelines
on how water heaters can be constructed by manufacturers.

The regulations place requirements on specific water heater details, and
manufacturers know what is allowed and not allowed concerning water heater
construction. Therefore, the regulations help ensure that water heaters
are safe and perform in an efficient manner.

Size Guidelines

Water heaters come in various sizes. Some water heaters are taller than
others. Some water heaters have more depth or width than others. Even
though water heater sizes are different, the way that water heaters operate
remains the same. Manufacturers have to build water heaters based on water
heater regulations. The regulations help to make sure that all requirements
are followed concerning water heater operations regardless of the water
heater size.

Many homeowners have a water heater. The way that the water heater operates
is not usually a concern for most homeowners. However, water heater regulations
are put in place to make sure that homeowners are using water heaters
that are built and perform in a manner that is safe and efficient.

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