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National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

During November, many families in the United States begin to prepare for Thanksgiving Day by buying special foods to cook for their tasty holiday recipes. However, there are numerous hungry and homeless individuals who need help during this time of year. Our company understands that our community’s organizations are struggling to provide the basic necessities to the homeless, and here are a few ways for you to provide assistance to those who are in need during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, which takes place November 12-20th.

Donating Toiletries, Household Items, and Clothing

We should try to help out the homeless by cleaning out our closets and getting rid of unneeded household items, clothing, and toiletries. Some of the things that a homeless individual might need include:

In addition to giving away used clothing or household goods, we can buy inexpensive toiletries for the homeless to make their lives better and to help them find work.

Volunteer at a Nearby Homeless Shelter

The temperature often starts to drop in November, and many of the homeless individuals in your area need a place to stay. The homeless shelters require additional volunteers at this time of year to provide vital services. By offering a few hours of help to the homeless this month, you will be making a difference.

Help a Food Bank or Soup Kitchen

Many families during this time of year must decide whether they are going to spend their income on heating a home or buying food (assuming they cannot afford both). In order to survive, they will visit a food bank to receive canned or packaged foods to prepare at home. Alternatively, they might need to go to a soup kitchen to have a nutritious hot meal. Fortunately, most soup kitchens and food banks will accept fresh vegetables, so you can donate produce and canned goods to help the hungry or homeless.

box of food donationsDonate Food to a Thanksgiving Food Drive

Local organizations and churches in the Louisiana area organize a Thanksgiving Day food drive to ensure people will have enough ingredients to make a nice dinner. You could help out by donating these types of foods:

  • Cans of fruit and vegetables
  • Boxes of mashed potatoes or stuffing
  • Loaves of fresh bread
  • Bags of potatoes
  • Cans of chicken or turkey
  • Boxes of noodles