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Superhero Plumbers Don’t Need a Secret Identity to Protect Your Home From Unclean Water

Super Plumber

While it’s true that most superheroes wear masks and costumes that
hide their true identities, plumbers are never afraid to proudly show
their faces, especially in the communities and homes where they’ve
worked their magic.

The truth is that whether you realize it or not, plumbers are modern local
superheroes, and not just because they deal with the leaks and clogs that
we don’t want to, but also because they help provide cities, neighborhoods,
and homes with clean water that’s delicious and safe to drink.

Pitching in to Help Hero Plumbers

You may not think there’s anything you can do to help your local plumber,
but the truth is that you can do plenty by taking steps to conserve water
at home. You can save water in just about every room in your house and
during every activity you do, including:

Save Water1. Take shorter showers.

2. Turn off the taps when you’re brushing your teeth or lathering.

3. Fill the sink to wash dishes by hand.

4. Use a backyard composter instead of the garbage disposal.

5. Replace old faucets, toilets, and appliances with water-saving ones.

6. Reuse kitchen water in the garden, and install a rain barrel for watering.

7. Plant drought-resistant flowers, crops, grasses, and shrubs.

Safe Water

Plumbers and Your Safe Water

If you’re not quite sure of the connection between your local Ruston,
LA plumber and the clean water coming from your taps, here’s the link: pipes.

Plumbers are responsible for maintaining, running, cleaning, and caring
for the pipes that bring water to and from, that keep clean and waste-water
separate, and that make sure safe water stays free of contaminants during
its journey to your house.

Without these skilled tradespeople, things like leaks, spills, and blockages
could stop water from ever getting to you, while pollutants could contaminate
your clean water along the way from the source to your house. Plumbers
address the problems that could lead to these issues and ensure that your
water gets where it needs to go on time and ready to drink.

Stomach Pain

Consequences of Drinking Water That’s Been Contaminated with Pathogens
or Pollutants

Among all the things that could contaminate water and make it unsuitable
for drinking, the most common and dangerous include heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides,
and a wide number of pathogens, including giardia, E. coli, legionella,
norovirus, salmonella, and cryptosporidium.

Drinking water that’s contaminated can lead to a wide range of health
problems, including vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, weakness, joint and
muscle pain, headaches, reproductive problems, neurological disorders,
respiratory distress, and even death.

Some people are also more at risk than others, including the elderly, babies
and young children, pregnant people, and people with compromised or weakened
immune systems.No good comes from drinking dirty water, and we should
all thank our lucky stars-and our local plumbers-for the clean, fresh,
and safe water that’s available in our own homes.

There are many ways to show appreciation for this water and the hard work
of the people responsible for it, and one way is conservation. Taking
steps to use and waste less water around the house is easy to do, and
it’s also good for your wallet and the planet as well.