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Clean Drains are a New Year’s Resolution That Every Homeowner Should Have

Are you in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions? This year, instead
of aiming for the traditional resolutions that are hard to keep, why not
achieve success in a different area, like home maintenance?

Home maintenance tasks are always time well spent because you save money
and protect your home so that it will last well into the future. A must
for home maintenance is
drain cleaning.

It doesn’t take much of your time or your money, and you get great
results all year long. Wondering what drain cleaning can do for you? Here
are some of the key benefits for Ruston, LA homeowners.

Clean Water

Start the Year With Fresh Flowing Water

One of the best benefits of getting your drains cleaned is the all-over
clean that you’ll get in your home.

When water isn’t flowing well through your drains, it pools and breeds
germs and bacteria. It also causes mold growth.

If you’ve got a drain that is flowing over, it may have sewage in it,
which can cause a host of illnesses.

You also want to do what you can to avoid the pungent odors that come from
blocked drains. Getting a drain cleaning and keeping the water moving
at home is a great idea.

Save Money

Save Money on Your Water Bills

Have you ever used a commercial drain cleaner? It solves the problem at
the moment, but it’s not something that you want to do repeatedly.

Not only do those cleaners have harmful fumes which are dangerous for your
family to inhale, but they also do great damage to your drain pipes.

Eventually, the pipes will get decayed, and you’ll have to pay to repair
or replace them. On top of that, there will likely be plumbing leaks,
so you can plan on paying for higher water bills and to repair water damage.
It’s much easier to get a drain cleaning.

Unwanted Noise

No More Noise

Get rid of any squeaking or cracking sounds with a drain cleaning. These
noises are caused by buildup in the drain pipes.

As water tries to flow through, there is lots of pressure, which is what
generates the noise.

Clogged Pipe

Clog Prevention

Over time, you’ll likely get hair, food particles, grease, soap residue
and grime in your drains.

You can either wait until it binds together into a clog, or you can proactively
get your drains cleaned on a regular basis to rid yourself of clog-making debris.

It’s much easier to be proactive than reactive when it comes to clogs.
With all the benefits of drain cleaning, what are you waiting for? Take
advantage for 2018.