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Follow this Complete Guide and Enjoy Savings on Your Water Bill

As many Ruston, LA residents are aware, the price of water has gone up
thanks to the drought, the higher costs of pollution management and a
big increase in population.

The only way to fight the rising cost of residential water supplies and
help conserve it as a natural resource is to make a few important changes
in your own life.

Remember too that it is important to educate your family, friends, and
community when it comes to reducing the use of water so that your collective
efforts can have a big impact.

Water Leak

Hire a Plumber to Check Your Pipes and Faucets for Leaks

Just one dripping pipe or faucet can cost thousands of dollars a year in
water costs. If you are not handy with a wrench, then
hire a plumber to tighten your faucets and repair any leaks for you.

While you are at it have your plumber check your toilet for leaks from
the tank into the toilet bowl as that can also contribute to a high water bill.

Water Plants

Hook Up Your Greywater to Hoses

Greywater is gently used water left over from washing up or doing laundry
and it can be recycled manually by saving it in buckets.

The water can then be sprinkled in the garden. If the water is soapy, you
can also consider diluted with rainwater that you have collected in a
barrel. Hoses can also be hooked up to sinks and appliances so that this
gently used water can be sent directly into your yard.


Take 5 Minute Showers

Instead of taking a bath, try taking a 5-minute shower. This can save 25
to 30 gallons of water each time you bathe.

Have a plumbing professional install a low flow showerhead, which helps
conserve water without reducing airflow.

This can help reduce how much water you use to shower by over 30% and result
in a significantly lower water bill.

Car Wash

Never Wash Your Car At Home

Washing big vehicles like cars, trucks, and trailers can be a costly mistake
as the soaping and rinsing process can use up hundreds of gallons of water.

Instead, take your vehicles to an automated car wash and let them be washed
with pressurized water that is recycled again and again. This is better
for the environment and can save you hundreds of dollars on your water
bill over the long term.