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Stop the Sink Stink

Have you ever experienced walking into your kitchen and getting hit in the nostrils with a disgusting, rancid smell? You’ve looked at your sink and disposal and both seem to be clean, but the stench is still there. Here are a few reasons why your sink stinks and what you can do to breathe fresh air again. 

No matter how much you clean it, your sink can still accumulate bacteria or drain blockages. One of the first issues to look for is any sign of leaking. Even the smallest leak can build up mold or mildew around the pipes or fixtures. 

If there’s no sign of a leak, the next possibility could be any buildup in your pipes or drains. Over time, food, hair, and other items can get trapped and cause clogging or smells. If you’ve noticed your water not draining properly, this is more than likely the reason why. 

Another reason your water is not draining properly could be due to your sewage line being clogged. It sounds nasty because it is nasty. Gases can rise from the clogged line and escape through your sink. While not necessarily a common problem, if you have been on vacation or haven’t been to that home in a while, this may be the tell-tale sign. 

The quality of your water is another factor in smell. Water that is high in iron or sulfates can produce a rotten egg smell. Mark Johnson and Sons Plumbing of Monroe, LA can help you with water quality questions and solutions to ensure your family is drinking crisp and clear water. 

There are also a few steps to try in getting rid of your sink stink. You could try an overall cleaning of your sink with dish soap and hot water. If the smell is coming from your garbage disposal, one way to get rid of the smell is using lemon peels. Run water, add some ice cubes and salt, and then run your disposal for a minute, then add the peels for a citrus scent. Lastly, the old standby of baking soda and vinegar can be used. Put one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down your drain, wait ten minutes, and then flush it with hot, boiling water. After that, flush it with cold water and see if the smell has left. 

Lastly, if none of your home remedies seem to be getting rid of the smell, call the plumber number. Mark Johnson and Sons Plumbing can investigate all areas and see what needs to be done.