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Holiday Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

As the holiday season approaches in Monroe, LA, households gear up for festive gatherings and delicious meals. However, with the joy of holiday feasting comes an increased amount of food waste that ends up in the garbage disposal. To ensure your garbage disposal remains in top shape and to avoid potential issues during this celebratory time, understanding the do’s and don’ts of using your disposal is crucial.

Garbage Disposal Do’s for the Holidays

  1. Do Grind Food Waste in Moderation: While garbage disposals are convenient, they’re not meant to handle excessive amounts of food waste at once. Gradually feed small portions of food scraps to prevent overloading and potential clogs.
  2. Do Use Cold Water When Running the Disposal: Run cold water before, during, and after using the disposal to help solidify any grease or oils, allowing them to be chopped up and easily flushed away.
  3. Do Cut Larger Food Items into Smaller Pieces: Chop larger food items into smaller pieces before putting them into the disposal to prevent jamming or clogging the blades.
  4. Do Use Citrus Peels for Freshness: Grinding citrus peels like lemon or orange helps freshen up the disposal and eliminates unpleasant odors during and after the holidays.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts to Remember

  1. Don’t Put Hard Items or Fibrous Foods: Avoid putting bones, fruit pits, coffee grounds, potato peels, fibrous vegetables, or eggshells in the disposal as these can damage the blades or cause clogs.
  2. Don’t Pour Grease or Oils Down the Drain: Grease, fats, and oils solidify and can clog the pipes, leading to serious plumbing issues. Dispose of them in a separate container instead.
  3. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners in Excess: Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners excessively as they can damage the disposal and harm the environment. Opt for natural cleaning methods when possible.
  4. Don’t Overload with Starchy Foods: Starchy foods like pasta, rice, or potato peels can expand in water and cause clogs. Use caution when disposing of these items.

During the holiday season in Monroe, LA, proper waste management, especially when using the garbage disposal, is essential to avoid plumbing issues and maintain a smoothly running system. By following these holiday garbage disposal do’s and don’ts, you can ensure efficient disposal of food waste while safeguarding your plumbing system. For any garbage disposal concerns or plumbing needs, Mark Johnson and Sons Plumbing is here to assist Monroe residents and ensure a stress-free holiday season.

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