Drain Clog Prevention

One of the most common questions that home owners ask around the the winter holiday season is why their drains become clogged and what they can do to stop the clogs from interrupting their lives after hiring Drain Cleaning services.

The issue of clogged drains becomes especially trying during the holidays because this is the time of the year when your home is usually full of guests, especially overnight guests.

Here are some common tips to implement that will help you to retain your sanity and hopefully, help you to enjoy clear drain lines:

Don't Rinse Oil And Garbage Down The Kitchen Sink

It's all too easy to become a little lax in this area. While you're washing the dishes, it might seem more efficient to rinse food residue from your plate down the drain. And, when guests want to be helpful, they'll take over housekeeping duties by rinsing food and oil down the drain.

The fact is, you'll need to become a lot more vigilant about asking your guests to completely scrape their food in your garbage pail. Don't even allow them to rinse food and oil down your garbage disposal. In most cases, guests aren't as meticulous about what's being rinsed down the drain. Before you'll realize it, you'll notice that water will begin to pool inside your sink instead of flowing straight down the drain.

House Guests Clog Your Shower Drain With Hairballs
Most of your overnight holiday guests will function in vacation mode, so they certainly won't pay attention to hairballs that accumulate at the bottom of your tub or shower. But, this also means that hair will quickly accumulate inside of the drain, especially when there are more people using the tub or shower.

The best thing that you can do along with asking your guests to pick up their hairballs is to outfit your tub or shower drain with a special drain cap. The cap allows water to flow through holes while capturing the hair balls. Although it's not the most pleasant task, you can lift the drain cap out of the drain and dispose of the hair that collects in the cap.

Visiting Children Often Dump Toys Down The Toilet

Tired adults often leave small children to their own devices inside a house. This means that children can play games, such as dumping toys down the toilet. Needless to say, this is the sort of game that creates a toilet drain nightmare for everyone inside the house.

The best way to prevent this nightmare is to closely monitor small children inside your home. Make sure that the children don't have unattended access to the restroom areas.

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