Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Any expert plumber can give homeowners tips on how to winterize their home and get the lowest energy bills possible. Some of the main things that plumbers recommend include insulating, preventative maintenance, completing minor repairs, cleaning sensors, and replacing worn or damaged parts and units.

Keeping the plumbing system in the home running in tip-top shape is the best way to avoid excessive costs and prevent winter disasters like frozen or broken pipes.

Preventative maintenance and cleaning

Using a plumber on a yearly basis is one of the best ways for property owners to make sure that their water heater, furnace, sinks, showers, sump pump, water softener system, and septic tanks are in the best shape possible.

An expert knows how to clean any unit because they have extensive experience with all kinds of pipes and plumbing systems. A professional can find damaged or worn belts, hoses, pipes, clamps, and other items before they break preventing a disaster that could flood the home or lead to a fire hazard.

Energy-efficient units and replacing damaged parts

Using a water heater or gas furnace can become very costly for the owner when the units are not maintained to keep their efficiency. To prevent high utility costs, a property owner should always make sure their water heater, sump pump, and furnace are in working order each year through preventative maintenance evaluations.

When plumbing units are around eight to ten years old, they can begin to lose their efficiency. When this happens, it raises utility bills over an extended period of time making it hard for property owners to notice the problem right away. An expert finds damaged and worn belts or parts and recommends replacement when the cost of running the unit becomes higher than replacing the item altogether.


Once everything has been cleaned, inspected, replaced, and repaired, the final thing that must be done to winterize a home is to insulate the plumbing system in every possible space. Insulation protects the pipes from freezing and helps prevent disasters like burst pipes that can cause significant flooding. The difference between insulating and leaving plumbing alone can result in thousands of dollars of water damage from frozen pipes.

An expert plumber offers homeowners a variety of benefits. One of the biggest reasons to use a plumber to winterize the home is to protect the plumbing system. Another reason is to maintain energy bills.

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