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Why You May Need a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

It’s more than annoying to wait for hot water — it’s also wasteful. You might waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water annually while waiting on hot water. This is bad for the environment, and it is also bad for your budget.

That’s why hotels and other large complexes use a hot water recirculating pump, but not as many homeowners realize that they can benefit from installing one as well.

How a Hot Water Recirculating Pump Works

Have you ever noticed that when you first turn on your water, it runs cold for a while before finally warming up? It can take several seconds or even minutes to reach the desired temperature. That’s because when water isn’t running, it sits in pipes getting cold. When you turn on the tap, it takes a moment to purge the cold water before the hot water comes through.

To prevent this, a recirculating pump constantly circulates your home’s water supply, ensuring hot water on demand. A hot water recirculating pump can be installed on most standard home plumbing systems.

On-Demand Vs. Programmable Recirculating Pumps

There are two main types of pumps to consider. On-demand systems operate only when you turn on the hot water. This allows the pump to deliver hot water quickly but not instantly. These units are generally more energy-efficient since they only operate for limited periods of time.

For faster performance, you may want a time-and-temperature circulation pump. These pumps can be programmed with sensors that monitor the temperature of your water constantly. This way, when the water temperature is too low in your pipes, the system can switch on. You can also program this system based on the time of day, such as mornings and evenings, but turn off during the day or night when less water is used.

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